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Our goal is to introduce Canadians from coast to coast to quality Dutch and British foods.

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European, Dutch, British, Food Products, Wholesaler, Importer, Distributor, Canada


Global Reach Confections and More, is a European, Dutch, British Food Products Wholesaler, Supplier, Importer, Distributor, and Grocer, serving the Canadian retail food market.

We supply (bulk) Confections, Treats, Foods, Comfort Foods, Food Products, Cuisine, Specialties, Delicacies, Delicatessen, Goodies, Groceries, Staples, Sweets, Patisserie, Delights, Gourmet, Ingredients, Like Oma, Like Granny, Giftware, Gift Packs, Apparel, Textiles, Traditions, Housewares, Kitchenware, Personal Care Items from Holland and the UK.

Our Mission

Our goal is to introduce Canadians from coast to coast to quality Dutch and British foods, including unique brand name European confections.

Introducing European, Dutch, and British Foods to Canadians, from coast to coast

Have you tried the best Dutch and British foods yet? If not, you’re missing out on some of the most delicious food in the world! At Global Reach Confections and More, we are dedicated to bringing Canada only the finest European and Dutch/British foods imported from some of the best providers in Europe.

Choose from our extensive selection of Dutch and British Beverages, Cakes, Cookies, Candy, Bulk Candy, Liquorice, Coffee, Tea, Dairy, Cheese, Meat, Chips, Crackers, Snacks, Chocolate, Soups, Meals, Pudding, Desserts, Sauces, Condiments, Toppings, Spreads, Spices, Seasonings, Vegetables, Fruits and more Dutch and British Fine Foods Goodies.

We have something for every taste and every occasion. RETAILERS: Order your products today. CONSUMERS: Find a store nearby!


Fast, Precision Delivery for European Foods Retailers in Canada.

For retailers, getting European and Dutch/British foods from their Supplier/Distributor to their store safely and on time, can mean everything. A hiccup in distribution logistics can throw a retailer’s entire business into disarray, which is why precision delivery is crucial for any retailer of European foods. Well, that’s where we come in.

As a Dutch/British and European Comfort Foods specialist, we have built the experience to work with all types of Canadian food and non-food retailers. To ensure that your European, Dutch, or British food products are shipped safely and on time, you need a distributor who really cares about you and your business. Global Reach Confections and More is dedicated to providing fresh products delivered right away, the right way, every way, and every day.

Simply put, we are very aware of your bottom-line when we schedule our deliveries. Need smooth European, Holland and UK food distribution from an experienced Canadian wholesaler? Contact us today.


What are European, Dutch and British Fine Foods?

European, Dutch and British Fine Foods are specialty foods from Europe. These delicious treats are often made in small batches using unique, ancient recipes.

What are some of these treats? Well, if you’re a chocolate lover you’ll be happy to know that European, Dutch and British Fine Foods include a wide variety of chocolates as well as traditional truffles. If you love cheese then Dutch quality cheese is definitely made for you! Dutch cheeses are well known for their rich flavours. They also make great gifts for any cheese connoisseur on your shopping list. You can even select British, Scottish, or Irish beers for your loved ones or yourself! Perhaps pick up some European pastries as a tasty treat.

It is important to note that European, Dutch and British Fine Foods should not be confused with average grocery store brands. In fact, many consumers have never heard of quality Dutch and British fine foods before. That’s because they are specialty products from Europe that aren’t widely available in North America.

Fortunately, Global Reach Confections and More is here to help introduce, distribute, and supply European, Dutch and British Staples, Delights, and Ingredients to Canadians coast-to-coast. With over 20 years experience importing fine European, Dutch and British food products into Canada we have become logistic experts at serving European Food Retailers, located in almost every Canadian province and/or community.

Longing for European Wine, Dutch Liquorice, or British Patisserie? RETAILERS: Order your products today. CONSUMERS: Find a store nearby!


Would You Like to Taste the Goodies of Your Home Country Again?

Well, you can. As a Dutch & British Food Distributor, we are providing high quality Dutch and British cuisine, specialties and delicacies to Canadian Retailers since 2010. Our Store Locator will provide you with the nearest Netherlands /English Food Store, Market, or Deli in seconds.

We serve whole Canada with our Dutch-British, Gourmet, Like Oma/Granny, Specialty Foods. Most of our stores provide Non-Food items like Giftware, Gift Packs, Apparel, Textiles, Traditions, Housewares, Kitchenware, and Personal Care products as well.

Almost all Europeans who have been living abroad crave food from their home country, but where to buy the good stuff for an affordable price? We import all kinds of the best European and Dutch/British food products to Canada so you can taste your native flavours again!

Our brands include Ambrosia, Bolletje, Calvé, De Ruijter, Droste, Duyvis, Frico, Hak, Haribo, Knorr, Lotus, Maggi, Nestlé, Pickwick, Robinsons, Senseo, Tuc, van Melle, Venco, Verkade, and many more. Like to try some of these delicious Dutch and/or British food products? RETAILERS: Order your products today. CONSUMERS: Find a store nearby!


Why Choose Global Reach? Enjoy Quality, Service, and Friendship.

For these reasons, Canadian retailers and consumers have chosen Global Reach as a trusted, reliable, and experienced European Dutch and British food importer / supplier / wholesaler / distributor / and grocer. We are glad to welcome you aboard! As a retail-client, you will be able to offer our extensive variety of European and Dutch/British foods to your customers. We offer client-centric supply and delivery services, on order, on time, and on budget.

In addition to the above, we offer you our friendship. Because in our humble opinion, business success is most often the accumulative effect of building strong, people-minded, long-term relationships. We care about your business, but most of all we care about … you. It takes only one phone call to get started.


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