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Wooden Flower Clogs

By May 25, 2021No Comments

Most people know about wooden clogs with flowers on them, but what about with flowers IN them?

Introducing flower clogs!

These small wooden clogs each contain dirt and seeds that will grow into a flower plant that you can later plant in your garden. These little shoes make a great souvenir, gift, or favour.

The clogs are painted in a bright colour and are decorate with a Dutch windmill and tulips on the front. The clog is made out of wood and is 10 cm long.

Instructions: Simply drop the soil tablet in the heel of the clog – don’t drop it in the toe as it can expand and crack the wood! Next, add water and wait for the dirt to expand and soften. Place the seeds in the dirt and wait for your plant to grow! If the plant grows too large, you can place them in the garden or in a larger pot.

These clogs come in four colour selections with a different seed variety in each. We have: Ox-Eye Daisy, Burning Love, Sunflower, and Forget-Me-Not.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries!

We also carry wooden tulip stems in two lengths: 20 cm and 34 cm. These stems come in 13 colour varieties and make a great, eye-catching bouquet. The tulip is hand painted with beautiful and deep oil colours so this tulip is almost indistinguishable from a real one.

Ready to order? Click here for the flower clogs and click here for the wooden tulips.