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7 Reasons Why Food Retailers Buy Dutch Food Products Through The Global Reach Confections Online Shop

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Today, every Canadian food retailer is in the position to buy products here, there, and everywhere online — but you must be aware without a doubt that ordering products in large quantities, can present major challenges.

Since we are operating one of the largest Dutch & British food products eCommerce stores in Canada, we feel it’s important to provide you with more details about how our custom-built online shop can help you to streamline the process to get and keep products on your shelves.

An eCommerce solution with accurate product overview, organized information, and clear availability is not always a given – as we all know. Everyone of us is experiencing frequent errors made by a variety of online shop providers all the time.

One of the reasons why Amazon became preferred is because of their relentless focus on ‘Making the user happy’. Their concept is simple: Make things less complex and less time-consuming. We all know that this philosophy paid off very well for the distribution giant.

We’ve also learned from Amazon (not a bad example, right?), so we took their philosophy to heart. Today, at Global Reach Confections and More, we recognize that providing our Dutch Food products in a reliable, accurate, and time-effective way, can make a huge difference to our client’s bottom line. Sometimes doing business depends on it. We’d like to share how we have structured our eCommerce Online Store to make things easier, faster, and more convenient for you – 24/7.

It’s clear that Canadian Food Retailers prefer to order through eCommerce systems that provide a reliable buying experience. As a nationwide Dutch Food Importer, Wholesaler, and Distributor, Global Reach Confections and More spent some serious time developing their Dutch Food Online Store (for Food Retailers Only) to make it

1. Complete, Accurate, and Up-To-Date
2. User-Friendly, Simple Fast, and Convenient
3. Clear (Immediate Notifications)
4. Order History Accessible
5. Account Balance Available
6. Invoices on Demand Capable
7. and Customer Services Personalized

The demand for Dutch food products has grown steadily over the last 10 years. More and more Canadian food retailers now have at least one shelve dedicated to these delicious Dutch cuisine products. Why? It’s simple and true: Once customers are familiar with Dutch Food Products they come back time after time.

At Global Reach Confections and More, our complete product selection is at your fingertips. If you’re a food retailer and you’re looking to give your customers access to these unique Dutch Food Products that people love, check-out the Global Reach Confections online shop.

1) An Accurate, Complete Online Shopping Catalogue, Including Up-To-Date Pricing

How many times did you browse through an online shop catalogue only to find out that the products were
• Uncategorized
• Inaccurate
• Without photos
• Priced wrongly
• Not in stock
If you are like any of us, you probably feel quite annoyed by the inaccuracy of such an offering. Why annoyed? Well, you landed on that order page because you were READY TO BUY something!  The condition of our online catalogue speaks for itself. Clear, accurate, and complete information goes a long way in regards to our client’s experience with our Dutch & British food online shop.

2) User Friendly Ordering: Simple, Fast, and Convenient

The supply management and logistical challenges facing retailers in 2022 are unprecedented in recent memory. We understand the demands on your time. We acknowledge that the online buying experience is just as important as the product itself from a customer service point of view. Simply put: We are aware that when the experience sucks, people won’t put in an order.

We understand that we need to make that online buying process really good! And so, we did. Through our fully integrated system, you get the information you need, when you need it.  The motivation is obvious: Reducing the buying experience to just a couple of clicks will provide more happy buyers. Indeed, it’s that important! When our customers win … we all win!

Now, Global Reach Confections and More doesn’t claim to be in the same league as Amazon… But we do claim to be obsessed with making things easier, faster, and more convenient for all the people who order through our online system – as well! Are you a client and have an idea to make our eCommerce system better? Please let us know. We’ll listen and when it makes sense, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. That’s an official promise.

3) Immediate, Clear, and Complete Online Shop Order Confirmations

We understand that it’s important to realize that the online buying process doesn’t stop once the sale has been made. Notifications, confirmations, and celebrations (hahah, doesn’t it feel good when an order is done right?), are hugely important to communicate to our client that things you’ve envisioned to happen, actually happened, the way you would like it to happen. Yeah, read that line one more time.

Have you ever clicked the ‘Order’ button and nothing visually happened? Were you happy with the result? Even when you knew that your order went through, you wanted to see the actual proof of it, right? When there’s no ‘Thank you for your order’ message, we all frantically check our email to check for a notification that confirms our order. And when that notification is absent too, it already spells trouble.

The eCommerce development team at Global Reach Confections and More is dedicated to providing you with a satisfactory experience when you order through our online shop. (Note: For Food Retailers Only). Every order is backed up with an immediate, dated, clear, and complete overview of your order. We know it’s important to your work-flow, so keep us accountable for providing it the way you want it.

4) Your Order History at Your Fingertips

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The truth always lies in the past – not in the future. The future still has to be written. When you need a truthful overview of your past transactions with Global Reach Confections and More, it’s comforting to know that every order has been documented properly. Equally important is that you always have immediate access to your order history, whenever you need it.

Login, mine your data, logout. That’s it. We know that sophisticated eCommerce systems need to be simple. Because simple is good, actually great. It will avoid confusion and wasting time. We understand that your time is as precious as ours.

5.) An ‘Always Up-To-Date and Available’ Account Balance

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The importance of having immediate access to your account balance is more than often underestimated. Knowing theexact status of your account balance drives informed decisions. Decisions that can be time sensitive, involving people, or even crucial financially.

At Global Reach Confections and More, we realize that your account balance is part of your wallet. That’s why access at all times is an important guarantee. The only hiccup could be a server or Internet provider outage. But that is always temporary. We strive for a 100% up-time.

6) All Your Invoices Are Accessible … NOW

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More than ever, time is of the essence in our food industry. We are all under pressure, due to changes in regards to new regulations, health care restrictions, limited imports, more expensive transport and delivery, labour difficulties, stocking challenges, shelve-time problems, and keeping the consumer happy in general. And the list seems to go on and on.

At Global reach Confections and More, we know that with that amount of change around us, your financial admin needs to be solid and consistent. Isn’t your accountant the only constant in the room? Well, he/she can’t change the world either, but should focus on providing a safe admin foundation to build your future upon.

An important component for that foundation is having an immediate invoicing overview to answer all the questions coming at you weekly: What to buy from who, where, when, why, and how? Having access to your Global Reach invoices, can answer those questions quickly, so you can make the right decisions right there and then.

7) Having Questions? Just Call Us. An Actual PERSON Will Be Available 

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We’re still in the infancy of the global digital transformation. Please remember: Change is inevitable. We better embrace those changes, or they will bite us in the butt. While big improvements are made to digital communications in general, many online systems are still poorly designed in regards to customer service. One of the major annoyances is the IVR phone system. Reducing human resources to save on staffing costs often means speaking to a system that doesn’t understand what you are saying, which is frustrating customers hugely.

Worldwide, people waste thousands of hours of time waiting on hold. The majority will hang up after waiting only 2 or 3 minutes while they are progressively getting more upset. On average, most people end the call after 11 minutes? when frustration reaches the boiling point. (Have you been there?)

At Global Reach Confections and More, you can count on personal support with our eCommerce shopping cart system. We will take the time to guide you through our system, or help when you need to subtract any account or product information.

Curious to see our eCommerce System in action?



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