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The 5 Biggest Food Retailer Trends That Will Keep You On Top In 2023

By January 17, 2023January 23rd, 2023No Comments
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Food retailers need to stay ahead of the curve in order to remain competitive in the ever-evolving marketplace. As we approach 2023, it is more important than ever for food retailers to recognize and capitalize on the latest trends in order to remain on top. As a Dutch food supplier and importer in Canada, we understand the importance of keeping up with the industry’s cutting-edge trends. In this blog post, we will discuss the five biggest trends that will help food retailers remain successful in 2023.

1) A Rise in Health-Conscious Consumers

As the awareness of healthy eating continues to grow, many food retailers in Canada are taking steps to ensure their customers can access healthier options. In 2023, these trends will only continue to increase.

As one of the largest dutch food wholesalers and distributors in Canada, we provide a variety of dutch food products that are both healthy and tasty. Our recommendation: Keep your shelves stocked with organic produce or natural health supplements. Provide quality products that meet the needs of those looking for healthier options.

For those looking for convenience; pre-packaged meals that have been created with fresh ingredients are key, they’ll make a great choice for busy consumers. The increasing demand for convenience foods is another trend that our company, as a dutch food wholesaler in Canada, is responding to, offering an array of ready-made meals that are healthy and delicious.

You probably already knew that Global Reach Confections and More provides a desirable range of dutch food products. We can help to accommodate your health-conscious buyers by providing dutch goodies that are delicious and healthy at the same time! Granted, some of our dutch foods are just … well, sweet! LOL!

2) Increasing demand for more worldly flavours

As the demand for more worldly flavours grows everywhere, the demand for Dutch food in Canada is also increasing. In fact, Dutch food wholesalers and distributors have become more instrumental as key suppliers over the last 10 years.The so-called ethnic foods aisle at North-American supermarkets is generally dominated by Hispanic, Asian, and Mediterranean food. That narrow scope is starting to widen though, with a growing influx of Caribbean, West African, and European influences.

From traditional Dutch delicacies such as stroopwafels, poffertjes, oliebollen, and dropjes to Dutch cheeses, candies, and herring, Dutch food wholesalers and distributors are now offering an array of international treats that are sure to please any palate, and many food retailers know where to find us: Online. Just Google: “Dutch Food Importer, Supplier, Wholesaler, or Distributor.” No doubt you will find our company too!

Whether you’re looking to add an international flair to your product range or want to offer something unique to your customers, Global Reach and Confections can provide dutch food ingredients and flavours that customers come back for time after time.

Today, effective and on-time distribution can be challenging. We ensure that you will always provide your customers with fresh, authentic, and up-to-date Dutch foods. Want to provide something new and exciting to your store? Without food from the Dutch, your customers won’t love you that much!

3) The growth of the e-commerce grocery market

The e-commerce grocery market is a booming business in the food retail industry, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping for their groceries, as evidenced by the growth in online grocery sales globally. As such, it’s important for food retailers to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends if they want to remain competitive.

As a Dutch food importer and wholesaler, we provide a wide range of dutch food products including baking goods, snacks and beverages. When partnering with Global Reach Confections and More, Canadian retailers can access high-quality products at affordable prices, to gain an edge over their competitors. This is especially beneficial for retailers who want to offer specialty products not available elsewhere.

Following international trends, Global Reach Confections and More provides a sophisticated online ordering system (for food retailers only). Our online catalogue provides significant benefits like:

  • Complete, Accurate, and Up-To-Date Catalog
  • User-Friendly, Simple, Fast, and Convenient Interface
  • Immediate Notification System
  • Immediate Accessible Order History
  • Immediate Account Balance Available
  • Invoices on Demand Capable
  • and Personalized Customer Service
2023 will be another competitive year without a doubt. Adding Dutch food to your product range can contribute positively to your bottom line. Let us help you to create an advantage, that can keep your customers happy, and make you stay ahead of the game.

4) The rise of plant-based proteins

In this upcoming year, the food retail industry is expected to see a massive surge in demand for plant-based proteins. This wave has been partly fuelled by the rising trend of vegetarianism, flexitarianism, and health consciousness, but also driven by retailers’ efforts to diversify their product offerings.

The growth opportunities in plant-based substitutes lie in creating greater choice for the consumer while mimicking the precise flavour, mouth-feel and texture of meat. The plant-based food production industry has emerged as one of the driving forces behind the remarkable growth over the last three years.

Many food suppliers now provide a great variety of products, ranging from lentils, beans, and soy products to chickpeas and jackfruit. These products are usually available in bulk, making them ideal for large grocery stores and supermarkets that need to stock up quickly.

Many Dutch food wholesalers and distributors now provide detailed nutritional information and recipes for their products, making it easier for customers to make informed health decisions.
The rise of plant-based proteins is undeniably one of the biggest trends that will shape the food retail industry in 2023 and beyond. We, as Dutch food wholesalers and distributors in Canada, are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend and help food retailers with their growth strategies.

5) A focus on sustainability

Finally, the entire food industry worldwide is taking serious steps to reduce its environmental footprint. Many food retailers now offer sustainable packaging materials and products that have been made with organic ingredients, which can have a massive impact worldwide.

As one of Canada’s largest Dutch food importers and providers, Global Reach Confections and More is looking to reduce its environmental footprint as well. Over the course of 2023, we will execute a review of our processes and systems, with the intention to create a cleaner distribution process, conserving natural resources, and striving for economic efficiency, while keeping our workplace safe for all workers. Just trying to do our part! Please help us to make our industry more conscious about the challenges our planet is facing. Our motto: “Let’s not compromise the needs of future generations”.

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