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Global Reach Confections & More Invites You to Become Our “Store of The Month”! 

By October 19, 2023October 26th, 2023No Comments

Hello, dear subscribers and readers of our blog!
At Global Reach Confections & More, our commitment is not just to bring the delightful tastes of Dutch food products to Canada but also to celebrate and uplift the wonderful stores that make our mission possible. We understand that behind every store shelf stocked with our products is a story worth telling.

That’s why we’re eager to announce our “Store of The Month” initiative, and we want you to be a part of it!

Why Become the Store of The Month?

  1. We’ll Tell Your Story: Every store has its unique journey, ethos, and dedication. We want to narrate your story, showcase your dedication to the world, and let everyone know what makes your store exceptional.
  2. Webpage with SEO: Get a FREE, dedicated webpage on our platform highlighting your store. Not just any webpage, but one optimized with SEO to ensure that potential customers in your vicinity can find you with ease.
  3. Social Media Blast: Become more visible on our social media channels! We will proudly present your store to our vast online community, enhancing your reach and bringing you closer to a wider audience.

Enjoy Enhanced Visibility in Your Area

Our core aim with this initiative is to help your store shine even brighter in its community. With the combined power of storytelling, web presence, and social media, Global Reach Confections & More wants to help you achieving greater visibility and recognition.

So, if you’re excited to be part of this amazing opportunity, and believe your store has that special touch that needs to be showcased, please let us know!

What we need from you:

  • Tell us about the history of your store
  • Tell us what you do as owner(s) to make your store special
  • Provide some photos
    • Exterior store front
    • Interior (multiple)
    • Owner(s)
    • Team Members
    • Anything you’d like to share!

To nominate your store or learn more about this initiative, get in touch with our team at Global Reach Confections and More.

Let’s celebrate the sweet success together!

Warm regards,
The Global Reach Confections & More Team

I would like to become Store Of The Month!

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