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Delicious Dutch Patisserie – Perfect for Your Next Party!

Dutch Patisserie is known worldwide as some of the best and most tasty in the world. If you’re throwing a party, then you’ll definitely want to consider buying or making some of these delicious treats. Plus, they’re simple to make so even novice bakers can prepare them with ease! Read on to learn about some of the most popular Dutch Patisserie that everyone will be sure to love at your next party!

Introduction to Dutch Patisserie

The dutch love to bake. They love it so much that many families make a Sunday tradition of baking elaborate cakes and cookies, and then taking them to each other’s houses as gifts. In fact, they bake so much, they even have their own word for it: bakken, which translates literally to to bake. While traditionally cakes and cookies are baked fresh every day, there is still a market in pre-packaged goods – primarily because bakeries don’t always open on Sundays – but it certainly pales in comparison to fresh baked goods. If you like freshly baked cake at your house too, why not try out some delicious dutch patisserie?

In North America we tend to associate cookies and cakes with special occasions or holiday seasons. But here in Holland, people eat these treats everyday – breakfast cookies anyone? To them, cookie just means small cake (not necessarily chocolate chip) while vlaai simply means cake or pie depending on what region you’re from.

Tips for making your own Dutch patisserie

Since you’re now in control of what goes into your homemade patisserie, you can make sure to make it as healthy as possible. Healthy ingredients are always preferred when making baked goods since they don’t compromise on taste, but actually improve it with added nutrients.

For example, if you decide to make vlaai, a traditional Dutch cake-like pastry that includes an apple filling, try using wholemeal flour and cooking apples rather than sugary snacks or apple juice that would otherwise be used. Likewise, if you decide to make cookies, use whole grains like spelt or oats instead of refined wheat-based flours that will contribute to high blood sugar levels.

In general, most dutch cakes contain eggs, milk, butter and yeast as main ingredients. The egg yolks give structure to all kinds of doughs while eggs whites add lightness to them.

The right gifts can make any occasion special

The Dutch have a great love of baking, and a gift of patisserie is ideal to show your appreciation to hosts, friends or anyone else on any occasion. Amongst my favourite sweets are vlaai and speculaas cake (cookies). But if you’re after something more unique and impressive, try poffertjes; fluffy little cakes that are traditionally served with syrup, butter and powdered sugar. You can get poffertjes in pretty much every café and there are stalls at many markets, including Amsterdam’s famous weekly market at Noordermarkt. If you need an excuse to eat them all year round I’ll let you in on a secret: they’re perfect with ice cream!

As such, they make excellent gifts whether it’s Christmas, Easter or even just a simple thank you present. Poffertjes taste best fresh from the oven so don’t worry about getting them delivered right away – just pop them in a box and leave it out until it’s time to give away! They’ll stay soft and tasty for up to 48 hours but once opened should be eaten within 24 hours.

With some extra effort, you can even take things up a notch by making your own sweet treats as gifts! A lot of cafes offer decorating workshops where groups of people work together to bake cookies with designs like flowers or letters imprinted onto their surface before adding colorful icing.

Affordable online store

There are tons of dutch stores, especially in Canada where you can get dutch patisserie, cakes, baking supplies. Just like any other product sold on an online store, you can also buy dutch pastry at a fair price without having to wait in line at any store and try out new cakes with your family or friends.

These products have become so popular that many people from around North America order these from online stores to serve during their parties. These shops also sell some bakery items that are perfect for bakes sales at home. It’s very convenient to find these products as there is a lot of variety available which means you will surely find something delicious among them all.

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