Store Of The Month Dec 2023

Our Story

Originally from the Netherlands, store owner Hermo studied business for five years and gained experience in the grocery business by working for his father who ran a grocery store. From there he furthered his experience by working in corporate and other franchise grocery businesses.

After immigrating to Canada with his family, Hermo purchased the Wooden Shoe in 2000, in Lethbridge, Alberta. Although the business originally carried a small selection of grocery imports, its primary focus was lunches.

As the years passed by, the import section grew due to his passion for the grocery business and providing fantastic and unique products for his customers. As demand for imports grew, he began to sell German, Polish, British, and Italian products in addition to the Dutch ones, while also adding a Deli and Bakery department.

Now, twenty-three years later, with the addition of “European Food Store” to the business title to accommodate the growth of selection, Hermo is the proud owner of a healthy and successful grocery business. He thanks his loyal customers, fantastic staff, family, and naturally Global Reach Confections (GRC) for their continued support over the years!


Hermo, Wooden Shoe Store Owner:
Global Reach Confection has been and always will be a valued partner.

“GRC has been one of our main suppliers since I purchased the Wooden Shoe twenty-three years ago. I specifically appreciate the collaboration to help me make successful purchases for resale and that GRC accommodates the specific needs of my business. Ilooks forward to many more years of partnership with GRC!”