Store Of The Month Nov 2023

Italian Centre Shop

Meet the family!

Our Story

Italian Centre Shop is an Alberta-based, family run European grocer. For over 60 years Italian Centre Shop has been the go place for not only Italian products, but a destination for Europe’s most sought after foods. Global Reach Confections is a valued long term partner that reliably services us in providing some of The Netherland’s most famed treats.


Family, Love & Food

For Italians, delicious, bountiful meals are a way of life and the dining table is where we bond. It’s where families come together, friends are found, memories are made and business is done. Come, step into Italy!


Catering for Every Occasion

Superb for parties, business meetings, family gatherings, weddings & celebrations of life. Beautifully designed trays & desserts set the stage for any event; food artistry made from top European & local ingredients. Made fresh, to order, with love. Take a tour – a sweet way to savour catering at it’s easiest.


Italian Centre Shop connects communities

through food and cultural experiences. It is a gathering place, people from all different backgrounds visit with a shared love of food. It carries Europe’s best known products that connects people to their family heritage or to fond memories of past travel.

Global reach is a great partner for us

They provide us with amazing Dutch products that our customer love and provide excellent service to us. We look forward to continued partnership with them and even more delicious products.


Ryan von Eschen
Sales & Marketing Manager
Italian Centre Shop