European Baking Products

We offer a wide selection of baking supplies and delicious ready-made products, perfect for expanding your inventory. From essential ingredients like RUF Vanilla Sugar and VAN HOUTEN Cocoa Powder to crowd-pleasing favorites like KOOPMANS Stroopwafel and DR OETKER Kwarktaart, we have everything your customers need to create delightful European-inspired treats at home. Attract new customers and elevate your bakery section with Global Reach Confections and More!

Gwoon Pannenkoeken Naturel

Gwoon Pannenkoeken Volkoren

Weltgold Paniermehl

Gwoon Paneermeel Naturel

Dr Oetker Kwarktaart

Koopman’s Poffertjes Mix

Koopmans Tarwe Griesmeel

Koopmans Pannenkoeken Originel

Koopmans Pannenkoeken Compleet

Koopmans Pannenkoeken Meergranen

Koopmans Pannenkoeken Glutenvrij (gluten-free)

Koopmans Appeltaart

Koopmans Boterkoek

Koopmans Stroopwafel Cake

Koopmans Boerencake

RUF Vanillin Zucker

Dr Oetker Vanille Suiker

Dr Oetker Klop-Fix

Droste Cacao Powder

Van Houten Cacao Powder

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