Best-Selling Products

These customer favorites are guaranteed to increase your sales. Our hand-picked selection of best-selling candies and cookies is a crowd-pleaser, perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth including some gluten-free options. From classic confections to innovative creations, our range has something for everyone. Our best-selling candies and cookies will boost your sales and leave your customers craving for more. Partner with Global Reach Confections and More to transform your store into a haven for those seeking the finest Dutch and British sweets.

Mentos Rainbow

Venco Schoolkrijt

Fruittella Garden Fruit (gluten-free)

Venco Coins Licorice

Fruittella Strawberry (gluten-free)

De Ruiter Speculaas

Dutch Traditions Almond Fingers (Kanos)

Dutch Traditions Syrup Wafer

Dutch Bakery Mergpijpjes

Dutch Traditions Almond Rounds

Wilhelmina Pepermunt (gluten-free)

Gwoon Gemengd Sweet Drop

Mentos Drop Licorice

Venco Dubbelzout

Gwoon Gemengd Salt Drop

Gouda’s Gilde Siroopwafelen

Van Delft Cafe Noir

Jeurgens Lady Fingers

Dutch Traditions Syrup Waffles (gluten-free)

Dutch Traditions Apple Cake

King Pepermunt Ballen

Red Band Drop Fruit Duos

Dutch Traditions School Chalk Licorice

Dutch Traditions Raspberry Candy

Klepper Salty Licorice (gluten-free)

Gwoon Speculaasbrokken

De Ruiter Large Speculaas

Dutch Traditions Coffee Caramel Wafer

Gwoon Bokkenpootjes

Lotus Biscoff

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