Breakfast Products

Offer your customers a taste of authentic European mornings with a tempting selection of our Dutch breakfast products. From sweet spreads like Gwoon Apple Syrup and Gwoon Choco Paste Dark to playful options such as De Ruijter Gestampte Muisjes and wholesome staples like De Ruijter Vlokfeest (rolled oats), there’s something for every breakfast preference. Add a touch of uniqueness with De Ruijter Anise Sticks and Zeeuwse Boerin Syrup, or go for classic combos with Bolletje Rusk and Lotus Speculoos Spread. Expand your breakfast aisle with these delicious Dutch delights. Partner with Global Reach Confections and More to bring the Dutch breakfast experience to your store!

Gwoon Potje Rinse Appelstroop

Gwoon Pure Chocopasta

Gwoon Hazelnoot Duopasta

De Ruijter Gestampte Muisjes

De Ruijter Milk Chocolate Hail

De Ruijter Vlokfeest

De Ruijter Blue & White Muisjes

De Ruijter Anijs Staafjes

Brinta Volkoren Graanontbijt

Rye Bread Schlunder

Timson Rinse Appelstroop

De Zeeuwsche Boerin

Van Gilse Suikerstroop

Quino Botterhamkorrels Donker

Quino Botterhamkorrels Mix

Bolletje Rusk White

Dutch Bakery Rusk Whole Wheat

Lotus Biscoff Spread

Canisius Pear-Apple Syrup

Geurts Orange Marmelade

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