European Candy and Licorice Products

Introduce a world of European candies and licorice to tantalize your customers’ taste buds! From classic fruity gummy bears and creamy milk chocolate bars to bold black licorice twists, there’s something for everyone. Attract new customers and boost your sales by expanding your candy selection with these delicious and exciting choices. Partner with Global Reach Confections and More to bring a taste of Europe to your store!

Fox’s Glacier Mints

Fox’s Glacier Fruit

Jakemans Throat & Chest

Jakemans Cherry Menthol

Venco Cats Licorice

Venco Honey Beehive Licorice

Red Band Sour Bears Candy

Red Band Crazy Face Winegum

Katja Kokindjes

Katja Flappies Candy

Katja Regenboog Matjes

Katja Trouwe Rakkers

Venco Dropmix Fruitig

Ping Trollendrop

Tom’s Heksehyl Salt Stick

Haribo Jo Jo Licorice

Haribo Pico Balla

Frisia Gummy Bears (sugar-free)

Frisia Cola Candy (sugar-free)

Klene Salmiak Riksen-Coin

K&H Euromix Licorice

Meenk Italian Licorice

Potter’s Verfrissende Droppastilles

Klene Fruitklapper

Oldtimers Zoute Ruiten

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