European Houseware Products

These unique European houseware products offer both practicality and a touch of international flair for your customers. Elevate everyday meals with the gourmet set and create delicious Dutch mini pancakes with the poffertjes pan. Offer an alternative with liquid soap in various scents and keep hands soft and healthy with Uiercreme and Uierzalf, popular European hand creams. Provide a cozy touch with tea and a kitchen towel sets and ensure efficient cleaning and cooking with vaatdoeken (dishcloths) and the durable fortalit braadpan (frying pan). Partner with Global Reach Confections and More to refresh your homeware section.

Hand Flags Netherlands

Car Flag Magnetic

Holland Flag

Gourmet Set

Poffertjes Pan Cast Iron

DB Tin for Rusk

DB Tin for Syrupwafers

Sorbo Nail Brush

Betra Wooden Dishbrush

Alpina Potato Peeler Knives

Alpina Cheese Slicer

Driehoek Liquid Soap

Driehoek Kristal Soda

Purol Handcream

Purol Ointment

Zwitsal Creme Soap Pump

Zwitsal Detangler Shampoo

Zwitsal Zinc Ointment

Hegron Uiercreme

Hegron Uierzalf

5D Tea Towel

5D Kitchen Towel

Twentse Kitchen Towel

Twentse Kitchen Towel

Face Cloth White

Face Cloth Ivory

Vaatdoeken Blue

Vaatdoeken Green

BK Fortalit Braadpan 28CM

BK Fortalit Braadpan 36CM

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