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Indonesian Food Products

Offer your customers a taste of Southeast Asia with our delicious and popular Indonesian food products. Choose from a variety of flavors of instant noodles for a quick and satisfying meal, authentic soy sauce and chili powder to add an Indonesian kick to any dish, and marinades and sautesauces for creating delicious grilled skewers. Partner with us to bring the taste of Indonesia to your store!

Gwoon Mie Noodles

Ambition Stem Gember (Ginger in Syrup)

Conimex Laos

Conimex Mix Bami Goreng

Conimex Mix Nasi Goreng

Conimex Ketjap Manis

Conimex Sambal Oelek

Conimex Sambal Badjak

Conimex Sambal Brandal

Conimex Kroepoek Natural

Conimex Sate Marinade

Sum & Sam Sate Sauce Mix

Sum & Sam Atjar Tjampoer

Inproba Nasi Goreng

Wijko Satesauce

Honig Mie Noodles

Verstegen Satesauce

Kon Sambal Nasi Goreng

Kon Sambal Manis

Flower Brand Kerupuk (kroepoek)

Looking for more products? Check out our online store for the complete list of products or chat with our customer support team Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm MDT.