New Products

Be the first to offer our newest European food and houseware products to your customers. Surprise your customers with sweet and chewy licorice in cool shapes. Try our refreshing appel perzik (apple peach) drinks, perfect for summer. Meet the demand for decaffeinated coffee with our premium options. Partner with Global Reach Confections and More to boost your sales with these hottest food and houseware trends.

Katja Trouwe Rakkers

Venco Salmiak Rondos

Venco Coins Licorice

Venco Honey Beehive Licorice

Look-O-Look Drop Wheels

Rademaker Coffee Hopjes

Haust Beschuit

Dubbel Friss Appel Perzik

Venco Tikkels Drop & Fruit

Fruittella Duo Stix

Fruittella Fruit Party

Alpina Potato Peeler Knives

Astra Peaches

Haribo Witte Muizen

Rejo Cherry Sticks

Hela Curry Ketchup Peanut

Senseo Decaf

Bandito Crunchy Peanuts

Bandito Crunchy Peanuts

Sky Candy Berry

Sky Candy Cherry

Sky Candy Fruit

Sky Candy Lemon

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