Special Order Products

These products are specially ordered for our retail customers. The lead time usually takes in between 6 to 8 weeks. It is best to discuss it directly by calling us at (587) 885-0292 or talk with our chat support team Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm MDT.

Theunisse Kokos Brood

Katja Yogurt Gums

Matthijs Giechels Licorice

Matthijs Dropharing

Matthijs Salmiak Strips

Astra Turtle Shape Licorice

Astra Foam Bears

Astra Peaches

Astra Strawberry Dream

Schuttelaar Cinnamon Pillows

Schuttelaar Peppermint Balls

Schuttelaar Buttercream

Autodrop Soft Cars

Autodrop Cadillacs

Meenk Pectorale Licorice

Meenk Gloria’s

Meenk Salmiak Truffels

Haribo Soft Banana Candy

Haribo White Mice

Red Band Winegum Smiles

Red Band Licorice Foppies

Candyman Salmiak Lollipop

Venco Droptoefjes Sweet

Verkade Milk Chocolate


Gwoon Licorice Fruit Duos

Gwoon Creme Brulee Cookie

Gwoon Bitterkoekjes

Lays Wokkels Paprika

Cheetos Nibb-It Sticks

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