Vegetable and Fruit Products

Offer your customers a variety of delicious and healthy vegetables and fruits. From unique options like mushy peas and pickled onions to pantry staples like yeast and white asparagus, we have everything to elevate everyday meals. Our pre-chopped red cabbage with apple and red beets make for quick and healthy salads, while brown beans provide a plant-based protein punch for busy lifestyles. Try our jarred kale for a quick and nutritious boost, or indulge in sweet treats like Dutch applesauce (appelmoes) for a delicious and portable snack. Contact us today to explore the full range of high-quality canned & jarred vegetables and fruits, and bring the exciting flavors of Dutch and British products straight to your shelves!

Batchelors Mushy Peas

Haywards Pickled Onion

Branston Small Chunk Pickle

Vegemite Yeast

Sharwoods Mango & Chili

Gwoon Amsterdamse Onions

Gwoon Silver Onions

Gwoon Pickles Sweet and Sour

Belsun White Asparagus

Gwoon Red Cabbage Apple

Gwoon Brown Beans

Gwoon Red Beets

Gwoon Peas and Carrots

Gwoon Kapucijners

Kramer Wine Sauerkraut

Lipperland Kale

Hak Spinazie

Hak Appelmoes

Hak Wine Sauerkraut

Hak Red Cabbage Apple

Hak Appelcompote

Hak Rabarber Compote

Hak Rode Kool

Hak Spliterwten

Oogst Dried Kapucijners

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