European Instant Soup and Dinner Products

Elevate your grab-and-go section with a taste of Europe’s finest. Satisfy busy customers craving quick with our instant soups and dinner meals. The Honig mixes offer a variety of classic European flavors from creamy mushroom to hearty goulash. With high-quality ingredients and quick preparation, they’re perfect for busy customers seeking a satisfying lunch or dinner. Our Gwoon products also offers a variety of veggie-packed instant soups such as the vegetable and tomato soup, perfect for the health-conscious consumer on the go! Partner with Global Reach Confections and More to add a touch of European cuisine to your instant food aisle.

Colman’s Shepherd’s Pie Mix

Pot Noodle Original Curry

Pot Noodle Chinese Chow Mein

Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing

Dutch Traditions Dried Soup Vegetables

Honig Mix for Nasi

Honig Mix for Bami

Honig Mix for Lasagne (Lasagnesaus)

Honig Mix for Macaroni and Spaghetti

Honig Mix for Kapucijners

Honig Mix Chili Con Carne

Honig Mix for Hachee

Honig Chicken Curry Sauce (Kip Kerrie)

Honig Mix for Goulash

Honig Vermicelli Soup Mix

Honig Tomato-Vegetable Soup

Honig Franse Onion Soup Mix

Honig Tomato Soup Mix

Honig Tomato Cream Soup

Honig Chinese Tomato Soup

Honig Chinese Vegetable Soup

Honig Chinese Chicken Soup

Honig Vegetable Soup Mix

Honig Farmers Vegetable Soup

Honig Chicken Soup Mix

Gwoon Vegetable Soup Mix

Honig Asparagus Soup Mix (Limburgse Aspergesoep)

Honig French Mushroom Soup

Honig Koninginnen Soup Mix

Honig Julienne Soup Mix

Honig English Oxtail Soup (Engelse Ossentaartsoep)

Honig Indian Curry Soup

Honig Brownbean Meal Soup

Honig Pea Meal Soup (Erwten Soep)

Honig Curl Vermicelli

Gwoon Cup Soup Chinese Tomato

Gwoon Cup Soup Vegetable

Gwoon Cup Soup Mushroom

Gwoon Cup Soup Tomato

Gwoon Cup Soup Beef

Unox Cup Pea Soup

Monte Dargento Vermicelli

Chicken Tonight Curry

Chicken Tonight Hawaii

Chicken Tonight Sweet & Sour

Knorr Vegetable Soup

Dried Soup Veggies Bulk

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